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Born in Pittsburgh, PA, Jocelyn Randolph received

her AAS in Graphic Design at Pratt Institute. Jocelyn

is a dynamic and versatile creative trained in painting

and design. She believes art is holistic and intersectional. Techniques, styles, and mediums have collided and inspired each other throughout history, and that is

when we experience the most profound, successful forms of expression and communication.

When not designing cool stuff, she finds inspiration in mistakes, corny jokes, painting, spending time with the people she loves, and randomly bursting into song. Life

is all about human connection and collaboration, and

she is always down for an off-key duet.

She values leading with empathy and active listening

so that the creative process remains inspired and thought-provoking. She has a wealth of technical

and interpersonal skills and is excited to grow as a creative professional.


Love, Vision, Creativity, Authenticity

Transparency, Accountability,

Collaboration, and Human connection



Pratt Institute, AAS Graphic Design


Penn State, Fine Arts, Completed 144 credits



Educational Advertising Awards, Gold, Magazine Advertising, Indiana, Pa




Face Value, Pittsburgh Children's Museum


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