I call myself an artist with great humility. I create art to serve. It is my priority to be in a constant overflow of love and ensure it successfully translates into impactful, thought-provoking art. I want each creation to express a narrative that can positively impact the world around us. 

I am a well-rounded creative. My specialties are graphic design and painting. I began my art career as a painter. However, throughout my time at Penn State, I earned the title of art director for numerous organizations where I created branding assets as well as planned creative actions. I transferred to Pratt Institute to obtain a formal education in design. Since graduation, I have continued working as a freelance designer, gaining experience in pre and post-production, marketing, and several forms of visual communications.


I have gained a wealth of knowledge throughout my career, but I enter each new opportunity with an eagerness to listen and learn.

©2020 by Jocelyn Randolph

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