My art has been a domino effect of pain and love. My passion for art began as a child. During my young life, the pain and isolation created from an abusive environment inspired me to start painting. I existed in spaces of fear and constant criticism when I had yet to discover my identity or find my voice. Once introduced to painting, I began to create myself. I was able to exist in waterfalls of color and emotion without drowning in despair. I transferred my heartache to canvases. It allowed me to express myself in ways words would not suffice. As I grew older, what influenced my art transformed.


Through my desire to deviate from the cruel norm of my environment, I learned the importance of empathy, healing, and introspection. It was my goal to become a human who would speak love and life into this world. I would combat heartache with radical acceptance and love. It became my goal to accurately represent the diverse beauty of humanity and the universe through my art. I create to express appreciation and love for the extraordinary people who surround me.


I bounced around majors before studying fine arts at Pennsylvania State University for two years. My time at Penn State was chaotic. Academically, I did poorly. My father passed away sophomore year, and due to the hectic nature of our relationship, I went into a downward spiral. I had difficulty focusing in class and completing assignments. However, I flourished creatively. I learned interpersonal skills through W.O.R.D.S, a writing organization at PSU. I evolved into a spontaneous, fearless lover and creator of art and poetry. I learned to connect with an audience and express myself more passionately than ever.


Eventually, I took a medical withdrawal from Penn State to heal from my past. A year later, I transferred to Pratt Institute to obtain a formal education in graphic design. It challenged me to think like a designer. Pratt’s environment inspired me to blend my love for fine arts with current design trends. Through this experimentation, I excelled in my academics and experienced the magic of Nyc. For the first time, I fell in love with life. 

Art is my most successful form of communication and the embodiment of my heart. I create art to serve. It is my priority to be in a constant overflow of love and ensure it successfully translates into impactful, thought-provoking art. I want each creation to express a narrative that can positively impact the world around us. I have gained a wealth of technical and interpersonal knowledge throughout my career, but I enter each new opportunity with an eagerness to listen and learn.