I joined the DesignQuack team to assist the art director in designing and resizing Buttler Symphony Orchestra deliverables for each show they hosted. The orchestra used the advertisement banners once they received approval.


We also designed Learning Frontier logos for their yearly event. We designed and illustrated each state logo from scratch based upon the Learning Frontiers design guidelines.

Posters for a Cause Presents: A CALL TO ACTION

Posters For A Cause Opening Reception at the Grand Central Library (NYPL) is a curated project showcasing posters designed by artists that raise awareness and funds for the causes of their choice.

"The ‘me too.’ movement was founded, by Tarana Burke, in 2006 to help survivors of sexual violence, particularly Black women and girls, and other young women of color from low wealth communities, find pathways to healing." ( 

It is imperative to include all survivors of sexual assault without silencing the voices of those who are already ignored. We live in a world where black women, women of color, and the trans community are constantly disrespected and disregarded. The Me Too Movement is an organization that inspires community healing, love, and education. However, we must not forget why and for whom this movement was created for. In a world full of explicit images, I approached this poster with radical gentleness. I wanted this imagery to represent the growth a person is capable of experiencing after surviving sexual assault.

Quote by Tarana Burke, Model: Nathalia Velásquez, Photograph by Heidi Pernett, Photo Edit by Jocelyn Randolph

adidas I Ivy Park

Craft a design campaign for the Adidas and Ivy Park collaboration. The goal was to combine Adidas's dynamic, street style with the energy of Beyoncé's HBCU proud, Coachella performance.​

I designed each piece to confidently and unapologetically take up space while exuding magical vibes.

Revere zine

I designed the Revere Zine to brings awareness to the issues women face in our world while also highlighting their many accomplishments. Each spread is created to empower every voice while embracing the uniqueness of each story.​

Album Covers

Man on the Moon III: The Chosen


Lake Stovall

The goal was to create album artwork inspired by Lake Stovall's latest music project. STYLE GUIDELINES: Full of energy, soulful and afro-influenced; duotones, contrast, and minor blemishes; soft pink, magenta, deep blues, and purples; florals and neon

I created this design focusing on the neo-soul, album art style of the 1980s and early 1990s. I edited a photo of Lake Stovall to look surreal and superimposed his portrait over a floral, lush background. 


Dirty Computer by Janelle Monáe 

Think Coffee

Think Coffee held a competition asking artists to create design collateral to use on cups, mugs, merchandise, and more!

This design was created in collaboration with Illustrator, Angel Lucena. We created an artsy, earthy, and modern design that would stand the test of times in the ever-changing New York City environment.

Illustration by Angel Lucena

Duquesne Athletics

The brief requested to create a Game Day Graphic for all social media platforms as well as a Digital Ad look for the 2019 Football Season Ticket sales messaging (Ad sizes: 720x90, 720x180, 400x400)

With these designs, I found it imperative to empathize Duquesne Athletic's colors and new logo. I edited the figures to resemble metal sculptures reflecting light. I used each element to accentuate the figures and compliment the logo. I wanted to embody the adrenaline a person may experience while playing competitive sports.

Digital Art

I combine digital illustration with the art of photo editing and retouching to create impactful imagery. SOFTWARE: Photoshop; Illustrator; InDesign.