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Kayla Franklin


Birthplace:     Detroit, Michigan

Pronouns:      she/her/hers

Medium:        iPhone 
                       Canon EOS 90D
                       Canon Rebel T5i

Focus: Landscape, travel, and portrait

Fun fact: "I curl my toes when I eat good food."

Social Media: Photography  Travel

All photos by Kayla Franklin


The best photo I’ve taken was of the ocean waves in the Bahamas. This photo captured both the similarities and differences of ocean and sky in one frame.


Greatest Inspiration?

Nature itself and travel


No muse. I enjoy the art for what it is and what I can make it 


I’ve always loved taking pictures, even as a kid trying to work a Polaroid camera. The more I traveled, I realized I wanted to hold those memories a little longer in a more tangible way. That’s when I got my first real camera and the more I played around, experimented, and failed, the more I realized how much I enjoyed it and that I actually had a little talent.


If you would like to contact Kayla, please message her through social media, which you will find linked above and below.

Kayla's Social Media: Photography   Travel

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