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Josey Flores


Birthplace:     New York, New York

Pronouns:      they/their/theirs

Medium:        Writing

Fun fact:     "My favorite colors are shades of green                          and blue and I’m a plant parent to 10                            plants and there will be more to come"

Social Media: Writing   Pics


My truth and my feelings are in my art; my writing expresses some of the rawest feelings and experiences I’ve had. My writing exists because I am who I am and because I live in the world I live in; my identity has a significant influence on everything I do, including my art.


photograph by Josey Flores


I discovered writing as a form of creative expression in high school, or at least that was when I started to realize how much I enjoyed it. It was then that I started reading authors that inspired me to create, but it was not until a couple of years ago that I started to write as a way to express my own experiences. It became a medium to record moments - but also a space to express myself in a level of vulnerability that I had not done before.



I don’t have any particular muse: my writing comes from my lived experiences, from stories, from friendship, from family, from love, from failure, from responses to authors’ writing, from my imagination, from my desires and so much more. I would say that I care for those who choose to live outside of social norms - as I feel like one often.


photograph by Josey Flores

If there was one thing I could say to the world it would be that valuing another life as you do your own could make such a huge difference in this world. We live in a world that caters to the individual but when we let go of that and begin to think beyond ourselves there is so much more room for growth, community, love, healing, and abundance.

If you would like to contact Josey, please message them through social media, which you will find linked above and below.

Josey's Social Media: Writing   Pics

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