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"Khalif" is now on show in studio lab at the Pittsburgh Children's Museum


I am excited to announce my painting "Khalif" is on show in a group exhibition at the Pittsburgh Children's Museum, MusuemLab building, until January 2022. The exhibit is titled, Face Value. It features artworks and interactive experiences which explore form and expression through portraiture. The exhibition is inspired by the Children Museum's historical portrait collection and highlights artists connected to Pittsburgh. You can view 25 artworks created by artists working in Pittsburgh among the great Andy Warhol myth series.


In addition, selected photographs by Chancellor Humphrey, founder of Keep Pittsburgh Dope, will be on display in the exhibit via a custom interactive digital kiosk. Chancellor will also be in residence, taking photographs of people on campus later this summer. The museum is working with Annie Heisey, featuring portraits from her Experimental Portraits Project. There is also a series of interactive experiences designed to complement the artwork and highlight the techniques and tools used by artists to create portraits.



  • Andy Warhol’s Myths Series

  • Pittsburgh Portrait Gallery, a collection of 25 artworks by artists currently working in the Pittsburgh region

    • Artists include Lisa Ash, Jaime Bird, Dan Burfield, Ashley Cecil, Racheal Diehl, Susan E. Drennen, Kim Freithaler, Peggi Habets, Sarah Jacobs, Sandy Kessler Kaminski, Deborah Lieberman, Julie Lee, Clare Mears, Gabriela Ortiz, Selva Priya, K. Rose Quayle, Jocelyn Randolph, Rell Rushin, Sasha Schwartz with Alexander Schwartz, Ray Sharkins, Shori Sims, and Julianna Zito.

  • Digital Rolodex, an interactive collection of photographs by Chancellor Humphrey, founder of Keep Pittsburgh Dope *Watch for Chancellor Humphrey as an artist-in-residence later this summer

  • Experimental Portraits Project by Annie Heisey

  • Interactive experiences highlighting techniques and tools used by artists to create portraits, including:

    • SELF-PORTRAIT PAVILION - 4 different areas to snap your portrait against different backdrops, including
    SKETCHY PORTRAITS, where you can digitally see yourself as a work of art

    • SPLIT FACE MIRROR - See your face mixed with some facial features of another person to look at yourself

    in a new way

    • FIND THE MISSING PORTRAITS ESCAPE ROOM CHALLENGE - Find a collection of ‘misplaced’ portraits by
    solving puzzles and finding clues hidden in the exhibit gallery. (This is not a physical escape room.)

    • SILHOUETTES - Take turns tracing a friend’s profile or having your silhouette drawn to note the similarities

    and differences. Accessible to all ages and abilities.

    • PORTRAIT DRAWING LIGHT TABLE, a multi-purpose drawing table to practice portrait drawing technique

Inspiration behind "Khalif"

Behind my portraits are far greater people!


"Khalif" by Jocelyn Randolph


photograph of Khalif

Khalif Dobson, aka Blu Gatsby, inspired the painting, Khalif. Khalif is one of my great friends. I met him during my freshman year of college, and throughout our education, we crossed paths frequently. Throughout this time, I witnessed him grow as an artist and human. He is a genius lyricist. He's a magician with sound and produces music! When he speaks, people listen in awe. He is brilliant!

Now let me take it back to 2015! I am at a spoken word event that Khalif is hosting. He is standing on a table reciting a silly, freestyle poem. As the room filled with laughter, I looked at Khalif standing on a table leaned up against a wall with his eyes closed, speaking silliness. As I watched him, I thought, "what a weirdo," but how incredibly beautiful. He is standing on that table in a world of authenticity and art. Fast-forward to 2018, I gained a sudden urge to paint this moment. So I did! Some ideas move the paintbrush so effortlessly it seems I am not even the one creating it. I am only a vessel for some paintings. The painting titled Khalif would not exist if it weren't for my true-life friend Blu Gatsby.

Blu Gatsby cohosts a podcast with Tevin Carrington that airs Wednesdays at 8 pm on Insta live. His first single, Side Lovers Anthem, is available on all streaming platforms. You will find the links listed below. Please listen, stream, and share!

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