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Graphic Designer & Painter

Jocelyn Randolph

Pratt Institute, 2019

      Graphic Design

Penn State, 2016

      Fine Arts








I am a daughter, sister, friend and call myself an artist with great humility. The legacy I wish to leave behind is the memory of all those I love.

Art is my most successful form of communication and the embodiment of my heart. I create art to serve. It is my priority to be in a constant overflow of love that successfully translates into impactful art. I want each creation to express a narrative that can positively impact the world around us. 

When I am not designing cool stuff, I find inspiration in my mistakes, corny jokes, painting, spending time with the people I love, and randomly bursting into song.

My favorite types of people are the ones who sing with me. I am always down for an

"off-key" duet. Life is all about human connection and collaboration. I know art can change the world, and I enjoy working with humans who share the same belief.

I have gained a wealth of technical and interpersonal knowledge throughout my education and career, but I enter each new opportunity with an eagerness to listen and learn. I hope you leave this space with more compassion towards people different from you and with more understanding in your heart than when you came.

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